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We believe that our constant focus on quality of work sets us apart from many businesses out there. Our desire is to do a job that makes you want to call us back for your next project.


What types of payment do you accept?


We accept checks, cash, and PayPal. 


How are we billed?


For our mowing customers, we work out a customized billing method for each customer. Some pay weekly, others biweekly or monthly. We leave an invoice, or accept money while on location. If paying monthly, an invoice is emailed after the last mowing day of the month, and payment is expected by the 15th of the following month. We have used this method for several years and it seems to fit our clients well.



What is your service area?


For mowing, we cover the east side of Indianapolis from Greenwood to Cumberland/Lawrence to Broad Ripple. We major on  the the east and southeast side, but will accept others if there is a good fit. We do our best to mow on the same day each week to meet your expectations.


We cover Indianapolis and surrounding areas, including Greensburg for Christmas and Holiday Lighting. 

Do we have to sign a contract?


I don't like contracts for mowing. I feel that you should not be locked into an agreement that does not provide satisfactory service. We seek to do a good job week after week, and work to earn your trust that we will do what we say.


What are some things that you don't do?


When it comes to lawn maintenance, we do everything. We apply lawn treatments, aerate, seed, and mow. On the handyman side, we tend to stay off of roofs. During mowing season, we don't accept large jobs that take several days or weeks because we major on mowing. 

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